l'Abbaye des Morts

An obsolete video game for a dark passage of history

l'Abbaye des Morts poster


A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Illustration Gryzor87
Release date September 10th, 2010
Genre Exploration platformer
Developed over 2 weeks
Creative Commons License: CC-BY


In the 13th century, the Cathars, clerics who preached about life without material aspirations, were persecuted by the Catholic Church and expelled out of the Languedoc region in France. One of them, named Jean Raymond, found an old church in which to hide from crusaders, not knowing that beneath its ruins lay buried a greater danger.

The game

L'Abbaye des Morts is an exploration platformer with the spirit of a ZX Spectrum computer game.
Faith is your only weapon. Recover twelve Cathar crosses lost in an abandoned abbey and discover its dark secret while avoiding its many dangers. Black backgrounds, single color sprites and monophonic sounds are a proper fit for this unsettling story where things are left to the imagination.

Key features




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