Go bring darkness back to the night


Decades ago, legendary monsters gathered to create Deviland Park, the most amazing amusement park ever. But after decades working and living under the flashy lights, they have forgotten how it feels to be a monster running wild under the moonlight. Tonight, Darkula has taken the decision to remove all the artificial lights of Deviland in order to show his companions the natural beauty of a good black sky. Go Darkula! Let it be a good night!

The game

Darkula is a frantic fixed platform game designed like a 1983 coin-op arcade. It mimic the technical specs of the time in terms of image and sound, but it goes further with a smooth playability and a scoring system carefully designed for local tournaments. Collect all the light bulbs to complete a level. Collect shining light bulbs consecutively to raise the challenge and earn a growing bonus. Be fast, don't miss the special object and be careful with the monsters around!

Key features



Classic fixed platform arcade games like Mappy, Bomb Jack, Mouser, Arabian, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Monster Bash, Mr. Do's Castle, Ponpoko and Fantasy among others.



Darkula was officially presented with its first dedicated arcade machine at the ArcadeCon 2019. The cabinet is now part of the collection of the Arcade Vintage Video Game Museum of Ibi (Spain).


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