Death came from Verminest

Fight the Verminian army and reach the top score!

Death came from Verminest poster


A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Illustration Locomalito
Release date April 30th, 2016
Genre Shoot 'em up
Developed over 5 months
Copyright: All Rights Reserved


Verminian bugs have declared war on our sector. Pilot your fighter and defend all the planets in the infected zone on your way to their base, where Queen Verminia is hiding.

The game

Death Came From Verminest is a score-oriented single-screen shmup with the spirit of an arcade game from 1981.
Fight giant insect formations in outer space and over the surface of various exotic planets. Use power units to launch bombs or activate shields. Act fast, aim carefully, destroy squadron leaders first and use bombs strategically to get extra bonuses. Go for the top score!

Key features



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Death came from Verminest
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