Locomalito is a personal project

Picture of a Maldita Castilla cabinet at Arcade Vintage

A child's

I grew up in the Spain of the 80s while devouring adventure, sci-fi and mythology stories. Back in the day it was easy to find arcade cabinets in pubs and restaurants, and I was fascinated with their colours, their sounds and their restless action. I rarely had coins to spend into cabinets, so I used to stay around watching others play and, without realizing it, I spent years studying the design of my fav games and drawing ideas for my own titles.

Picture of a notebook

An escape

As an adult I found myself drowned in a gray void. Then I took my skull back into pixel art, chip sounds and arcade action. I experimented, learned and enjoyed the tranquility of a (nearly) dead medium. Since then my hobby is to create my own collection of traditional video games, working over low flame on quiet nights.

Picture of a workspace

A creative

I plan and draw ideas in a notebook that I keep on my nightstand. I develop my projects with GameMaker since 2005, because it's a friendly tool and I'm really used to its GML language. For graphics I use Iconomaker, an icon editor for Windows XP that for some strange reason has everything I need. Since 2020 I'm also using Aseprite, which is more versatile for high resolutions. For the extras I have the Creative Cloud suite, which I know like the back of my hand because it's the main tool at my day job. Lastly, I have the wiporium: the custom workspace I've been tweaking over the years and which has become my little temple.

Picture of various games in their boxes

to share

Although I may sound like a solo dev, with me are Gryzor87, a close friend and a composer who I admire, Marek Barej and Jacobo García, who contribute their illustrations for covers, manuals and other extras, and since 2016 Abylight Studios, who has been porting and publishing some of my games for the big platforms. But none of this would be possible without the support of my ♡ Canoug and all the people who believe in my project and help me one way or another.

So what's in my games for you?

Lo-res art

If you like the usual mix of pixel art and chip sounds of the 80s and 90s, you may like the art style of some of my games.


More fun, less entertainment. All the content is conscientiously squeezed in the shortest possible game length.


Every game is a challenge, with a difficulty curve that rises and falls according to each situation, but always in a fair and consistent way.


You will get both the DNA of the classics and something new. You'll notice that I openly mention my influences.


There are rewards for the experienced, curious and crazy players. Open your eyes, not everything is in plain sight.


Covers, manuals, posters, arcade cabinets… Extras are also part of the experience, so don't forget to take a look at them.