Mutants from the Deep

Face the menace that lurks in the depths

Mutants from the Deep poster


A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Illustration Jacobo García
Release date May 13th, 2021
Genre Shoot 'em up
Developed over 4 months
Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND


Something strange happens in the depths of the sea. They emerge from the abyss to conquer everything. Two worlds confront a third. Play as Marcelo the diver to solve what looks like an industrial sabotage or as Marila the mermaid to save your town from an unknown menace.

The game

Mutants from the Deep is a multidirectional shmup with the spirit of a MSX computer game.
Choose between Marcelo the diver or Marila the mermaid, prepare your equipment and dive through the dangers of the depths. Fire your weapons in 8 directions, collect coins to enhance your gear and watch to your oxigen level. Look into every corner, deep down there could be diamonds!

Key features




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