Mutants from the Deep

Solve the mystery that hides in the depths of the ocean


There are things that nobody had seen before in the depths of the sea. They emerge from the abyss to conquer everything. Play as Marcelo the diver to solve what looks like an industrial sabotage or play as Marila the mermaid to save your town from an unknown menace.

The game

Mutants from the Deep is a submarine shooting game that mimic the technical limitations of the MSX1 computers. Choose your character, enhance your gear and fire your weapons in 8 directions as you swim into the dangers of the deep.

Key features



Konami games for the MSX, sea life, mythology and 60-70s secret agent vs villain stuff.

Mutants from the Deep


The project was finished in 2018, but before releasing it, Gryzor87 said "Hey, I know some guys in the retro scene who could actually port it to the real MSX". Manuel Pazos and Fernando García jumped in, did their (amazing) magic and turned a MSX-looking PC game into an actual MSX game. And they put it in a 64k cartridge!


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