Super Hydorah

A space adventure for classic shmups lovers

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A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Illustration Marek Barej
Published by Abylight Studios
Release date September 20th, 2017
Genre Shoot 'em up
Developed over 4 years
Copyright: All Rights Reserved


Meropticon has declared war on the Omios star. Take the control of your ship and fly as part of the space fleet in a campaing to liberate planets, destroy enemy bases and discover the mysterious force behind the invasion. Biomechanical creatures, exotic planets, climatic threats and black magic are waiting for you!

The game

Super Hydorah is the definitive version of Hydorah, a horizontal shmup with a non-linear campaign structure. This version includes new chapters, weapons, features and arrangements that make it a much better game.
Face a large varierty of enemies, dangers and unique situations. Unlock new weapons as you progress, equip them before each mission and increase their power during the action. Learning enemy patterns and the right equipment for each section is the key to success. Keep your eyes open, because the true victory requires more than just shooting.

Key features



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Super Hydorah
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