Super Hydorah

a game by locomalito

The remastered version of Hydorah, with new levels, features and game modes

Super Hydorah (2017)

Meropticon has declared war on the Omios star. Take the control of your ship and fly with the space fleet in a campaing to set free invaded planets, destroy enemy bases and discover the misterious force behind the attack. Biomechanical enemies, space creatures, exotic planets and climatic threats are waiting for you, so take the controls of your ship and prepare to die!

About the game

Super Hydorah is a non-linear space opera shump focused on variety and adventure. It takes action on 21 planets, each one with unique landscapes and dangers. Equip your ship with a set of weapons before each mission, level up your firepower during the fight and unlock new weapons by defeating bosses. It has been carefully designed so the challenge is fair even in the harder moments of the game. The difficulty oscillates between levels, so practicing with your favourite set of weapons and choosing a path carefully is essencial in order to progress.
At a production level, detailed pixel art, smooth animations and the huge soundtrack composed by Gryzor87 work together to bring you the feeling of a good space adventure.

Key features


The entire horizontal shmup genre. Gradius, R-Type, Darius, Turrican and not so popular classics like Enforcer, Space Manbow, Hellfire, X-Multiply, Guardian, Hydefos, Armalyte and many many more… Think of Hydorah as a bastard son of the classics: it has the genes, but it's not a clone of one or another. It has a lot of original content that I hope you can appreciate :-)


If making Hydorah was my childhood dream, making Super Hydorah goes far beyond what I never imagined. Once again, the project tooks insame amounts of energy, but I worked hand to hand with the legendary Alberto McAlby, and with our combined obsession for details I'm pretty sure the game brings everything a good shmup can bring.