The Curse of Issyos

The epic quest of a fisherman to rescue his daugther

The Curse of Issyos poster


A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Illustration Marek Barej
Jacobo García
Release date December 15th, 2015
Genre Action platformer
Developed over 12 months
Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND


Defkalion was fishing on a quiet blue sea when he heard the voice of the Goddess Athena. Hurry up, she said, the isle of Issyos has been cursed by the Olympus. Fearing for his daughter Delia, the fisherman sails back to his home, where the adventure awaits.

The game

The Curse of Issyos is an action platformer with the spirit of an 8-bit game.
Control Defkalion in his quest through a mix of linear and exploration levels. Switch between sword and spear and use your bow to face monsters and undead soldiers. Find Athena's armor for extra protection and crouch to block proyectiles with its shield. Solve the mistery behind the curse to reach the good ending.

Key features




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