Toxic Tomb

End the slimy invasion of the Prykusa power plant

Toxic Tomb poster


A game by Locomalito
Music Gryzor87
Illustration Jacobo García
Release date January 15th, 2024
Genre Action platformer
Developed over 6 months
Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND


The Prykusa multi-core plant is on maximun alert!
Hazardous Area Response teams 01 and 02 are missing. A biological attack has been confirmed. The hostile force has been identified as Transdimensional ectoplasmatic slime. A special plan has been approved. Demon hunter Lime Eyes entering the plant right now…

The game

Toxic Tomb is an action platformer with the spirit of a SEGA Master System game.
Crawl along each level and destroy all the generators to force the opening of the reactor. Then attack the reactor to release the ghoul inside it and kill it. Move fast, chain enemy kills and get stars to obtain bonuses. You'll get an extra life every 75.000 points. Finding the right place to attack and dodge is the key. Also, playing gracefully from the beginning will help you in the final stretch of the game.

Key features




Toxic Tomb