a game by locomalito

Vintage Sci-fi and classic gameplay together in 3D!

The plot: A ferocious insect army from planet Verminest is spreading through the space. Defend your planet and fight back them until you finally reach the nest of Queen Verminia.

The game: Straight gameplay, grayscale palette, FM sounds and 3D glasses will take you back to the never-existent Arcade rooms of the 50's, where fun was the only thing. Risky pilots are rewarded: kill leaders to scare bugs and kill bugs in a short range to get medals and bonuses. 100% oldschool!

Influences: Early arcades like Galaga, Phoenix or Centipede and vintage Sci-Fi movies like Them!, The Deadly Mantis, Black Scorpion, Tarantula and of course Godzilla.

Personal note: I've always wanted to make a game like my loved Galaga. In October 2011 I played again the original Galaga coin-op game and decided to go for it, adding some ideas I had in mind.

Key features

Verminest poster
A game by: Locomalito
Music and FX: Gryzor87
Promo art: Marek Barej

Genre: Shooter / Gallery
Release: 15/02/2012
Development: 3 months
Platforms: Windows

Creative Commons License

Verminest download and extras

Verminest (Win)

Color version Verminest 83