Verminian Trap

Early arcade gameplay now up to 4 players

Verminian Trap poster


A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Illustration Marek Barej
Release date September 9th, 2013
Genre Single-screen arcade
Developed over 3 weeks
Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND


SOS! Your space pod has made an emergency landing on a planet infested with giant insects from Verminest. Fight with your companions and survive while the hope of being evacuated by a rescue unit lasts.

The game

Verminian Trap is a single-screen maze shooter with the spirit of an early 80's arcade game.
Survive as much as you can while fighting endless waves of enemy bugs. It features three different game modes: a cooperativa and two competitive ones. To fully enjoy this game you'll need some friends around.

Key features




Verminian Trap