8Bit Killer

Feel the 8-bit action in a first person perspective

8Bit Killer poster


A game by Locomalito
Music RushJet1
Illustration Marek Barej
Release date April 2nd, 2008
Genre First person shooter
Developed over 8 months
Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND


AD 2488. A long war brought mankind to the brink of extinction. During the postwar crisis, a creature known as Master Brain arrived on earth with the promise of a new dawn. Many followed its voice, a new order was born, but then the promises turned into dictatorship and oppression. Now, a small group of soldiers have formed an alliance to protect the remaining cities and end the imperial regime. This is the story of their final mission.

The game

8Bit Killer is a FPS with the spirit of an 8-bit run and gun.
Advance through a mix of linear and exploration levels, find new weapons along the way and fight enemies and bosses in desolate urban environments. Enemy bullets are visible, so you can move to dodge them. Keep your eyes open, there are hidden areas behind false walls.

Key features




8Bit Killer