8Bit Killer

8-bit action in a first person perspective


Mankind walks on the edge of self-extinction after a great nuclear war. And now, a new army is launching an attack to the few cities that are still on, following the plan of the Master Brain. A small group of soldiers have formed an alliance to defend the last cities and defeat the evil creature. 8Bit Killer tells the story of their final mission.

The game

8Bit Killer is first person shooter with the visual style of an 8-bit game. With 32x32 pixels textures, NES colors and 1 bit sounds, this anachronistic game feels like a run and gun in a 3D view. The soundtrack is part of the work composed by the great RushJet1.

Key features



Post-apocalyptic films like Mad Max or 2013: Rescue in LA, mangas like Grey, Alita or Fist of the North Star, 8-bit games like Contra, Megaman, Bionic Commando, Metroid and ray casting games like Catacomb 3D or Wolfenstein 3D.

8Bit Killer


The project started as a little experiment with 3D views, but it grew up to become the first full game of my actual collection. It was credited as one of the best freeware games of 2008 by indiegames.com, back in the young days of the indie game scene. The pixel skull that is now my logo was first seen on a wall in this game.


Download 8Bit Killer
for Windows