Welcome video game lover

I'm Locomalito, a crazy man creating his own collection of traditional video games. If you enjoy pixel art, chip tunes and nice challenges, come in, you may find something insteresting around…


  • I've been a bit too busy since the Covid-19 lockdown, so Star Guardian development is going on slooowly :-(
  • The good news are that I did a tiny project to keep myself up -> Solar Gladiators
  • Abylight did a port of The Curse of Issyos for iOS devices.
  • Mutants From The Deep is almost ready, but it's waiting for the right moment to see the light.
  • Darkula was presented at ArcadeCon 2019 and is now part of the Arcade Vintage Museum.
  • Super Hydorah and Maldita Castilla EX are already out for PC and consoles.