Star Guardian

The metal goddess spreads her wings to defend the galaxy

Star Guardian poster


A game by Locomalito
Music and sound Gryzor87
Release date Work in progress
Genre Action sidescroller
Developed over ???


First some stars faded, then it was the Sun, and now evil spreads throughout the galaxy. There is nowhere to hide from Moloch, the devourer of worlds. Our only hope lies in an old legend told in the ruins of desert planets: the metal-winged goddess, Cleonova. But will she be willing to fight for little human beings?

The game

Star Guardian is an action sidescroller with the spirit of a 1990-1992 arcade game and the internal structure of a shmup.
Play as Cleonova and fight giant robots, aliens and undead creatures in a restless battle through the galaxy. Punch, kick, jump and dash while the scroll advances. Get orbs and chain enemy kills to raise your grace and get a growing bonus. Take special items to power your punch until it became overpowered, then be carefull, because getting a single hit will power it back to max power. Go ahead, let nothing stop you and go for the top score!